The Ambrosia Registration Renewal Tool (ARRT) is a Javascript version of the ASW key renewal system. It is designed for those who have genuine registration codes for Ambrosia products to renew them. No infringement is intended. By using the system, you agree to abide by the intended usage.

Everything is client-side; there is no communication with the server nor logging of any kind. The server has no access to codes or registration information.

External Link: View the original thread about the algorithm on Reddit.


You need an existing key for renewal. Simply select the product from the drop-down, enter the info, and press the button!

Even a valid code may fail if it was known by Ambrosia as a pirated key because they could block them within the registration application.

The debug options are updated automatically as you make selections, but if you enable debug, you can override any of the fields manually:

Quick links can be made directly to a product by adding an anchor to the URL. For example, http://renew.cytheraguides.com#Snapz Pro X takes you directly to Snapz Pro X renewal. I've not added parameters beyond direct links to the specific product to avoid the appearance of saving or sharing keys.

Why are some products not listed? Mostly, I just didn't know the product names because there are a few games and utilities I haven't tried. That said, the Introversion games, Aquaria, and SketchFighter 4000 Alpha are still available from their developers, so I'm not concerned about them since my focus is on Ambrosia-exclusive titles that don't exist commercially elsewhere. Of course, you can still use the debug mode to enter any product name of your choosing.